Rules of multisensory integration in kinesthesia and their evolution with aging

  • Main collaborators:
    Anne Kavounoudias, Michel Guerraz, Anna Montagnini, Caroline Blanchard, Caroline Landelle
  • Keywords:
    Multisensory integration, Kinesthesia, psychophysics, Computational approach
  • Lab:
    LNIA, Marseille, France
    LPNC, Chambéry, France
    (2013 – 2016)

Perception is multimodal by nature. To perceive one’s own body movements, the central nervous system uses multiple sources of sensory information from several modalities including vision, touch and muscle proprioception. All these different inputs have to be efficiently merged into a coherent percept.

This project aims to better understand the mechanisms that underlie this multisensory integration, and to what extent this multisensory processing can be modulated by sensory deficits.