Research projects

About my research projects

Below you’ll find some overview of my current and past research projects, with a special emphasize on the methods and approaches I use.

It is a good opportunity to thank all the technical and administrative staff that I had the chance to work with. Research as I know it, is never done alone.

Thank you also to all the participants who volunteer their time and their brain for our crazy fascinating studies.

Metacognitive judgments and training over repeated perceptual performances

Summary: This projet is a part of an ERC project obtained by Nathan Faivre (ERC starting grant #803122). Our aim is to develop new measure of the match between perceptual and decisional processes, and the corresponding metacognitive judgments (Fleming et al., 2012; Lee et al., 2021), and eventually propose a metacognitive training to improve this…

« Uncertain Body »: Multisensory mechanisms involved in body ownership

Summary: Perceiving what constitute our body is essential to act upon what is around us and to protect our physical integrity. This perception of body parts as one’s own is called body ownership. Body ownership requires the integration of inputs from different sensory modalities such as vision, touch and proprioception, together with a priori knowledge…

Rules of multisensory integration in kinesthesia and their evolution with aging

Perception is multimodal by nature. To perceive one’s own body movements, the central nervous system uses multiple sources of sensory information from several modalities including vision, touch and muscle proprioception. All these different inputs have to be efficiently merged into a coherent percept. This project aims to better understand the mechanisms that underlie this multisensory…

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